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  • I was fortunate enough to work for Attorney Hansen. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer. He takes the time to talk to his clients on the phone and doesn’t just brush them under the rug or ignore their calls. He sets their mind at ease-even with the more difficult cases. As a boss,…

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  • I got in trouble up north NH and with only a few days to my arraignment date and no clue how to navigate, or choose an attorney for any matter, having never dealt with the law before. I called Attorney Al Hansen and was impressed how he responded professionally and quickly by taking care of my co…

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  • Looking for legal representation in a criminal, family, or personal injury matter? Look no further – Attorney Hansen is knowledgeable, honest, straightforward, and experienced. While working with Attorney Hansen, I felt that my situation was in trustworthy hands. He is compassionate in his manner…

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I encourage my clients to email or call me any time, day or night. If in New Hampshire call 603-766-1970 and if in Maine, call 207-467-3767 for help in the complicated issues of criminal law and family law. Schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible to start yourself off on the right path.