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Understanding Maine’s Driving To Endanger Law

If you have been charged with driving to endanger in Maine, you may not know what that means. The driving to endanger law is Maine's version of reckless driving laws in other states. Maine's law defines the charge as a driver endangering people or property with their driving, disregarding the risk they should have known they were taking.

Some people choose to plead down to a driving to endanger charge when they are facing an OUI. At Hansen Law Offices, PLLC, Mr. Hansen will use his experience as a former prosecutor to help his clients decide whether to accept, plead down or fight their charges. Attorney Hansen is always ready to defend your rights, whatever you choose.

How Long Does Driving To Endanger Stay On Your Record?

These are serious charges that can stay on your record for several years. In New Hampshire, a reckless driving conviction may be annulled after 7 years. In Maine, driving to endanger remains on your record indefinitely. Like reckless driving charges in New Hampshire, a driving to endanger charge in Maine will add points to your driving record, which last for one year, but it also carries its own penalties.

A driver's first offense will result in a $575 fine, a suspended license for a minimum of 30 days, a fine and a possible jail sentence. If the driver caused anyone bodily injury, the law applies additional punishments. If a driver has three offenses within a 5-year period, they may have their license revoked under the habitual offender law.

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