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Theft Charges Come In Many Forms

If you are accused of taking something that belongs to another person, your charges could take many different forms. Charges depend on the value stolen, the manner in which the items were taken and the state where the crime took place.

The terms “theft” and “larceny” often refer to an individual taking something that does not belong to them without permission. The charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, usually depending on the value of the stolen items.

I am a licensed attorney in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I can counsel you regarding charges in any of those three states. I am also a former prosecutor, so I understand how the system works when it comes to charging criminal cases.

How Does Robbery Differ From Theft?

Robbery charges differ from theft and larceny in one important way — robbery is taking something from someone by force, with or without a weapon. Because of the threat of violence, robbery is often considered a violent crime, even if no one was injured. Theft and larceny generally happen when the owner is not present or is not looking. Robbery charges often carry higher penalties.

Charges Depend On The State

Though penalties for theft are often based on the amount stolen, the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony can vary by state. In Massachusetts, for example, felony theft begins with a value of only $250, with misdemeanors requiring up to one year in jail and $300 in fines. Maine, on the other hand, views anything under $1,000 as a misdemeanor, which can require up to $1,000 in fines and less than a year in jail. New Hampshire's misdemeanor threshold is under $1,000, but also varies depending on prior convictions. As you can see, the stakes are very high for this type of crime.

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