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Defending Yourself Against Prescription Drug Fraud Charges

Charges for prescription drug fraud typically involve lying or misrepresenting oneself to a doctor or pharmacist in order to get a prescription to a controlled substance. The first thing you should know about defending yourself against a drug charge is that you should not speak with the police or prosecutor without legal representation.

Common defenses against any drug charge include:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Failure to notify of Miranda rights
  • Improper interrogation techniques
  • Insufficient probable cause

As a former prosecutor, I understand what the state needs to prove in a prescription drug fraud case. Call me at Hansen Law Offices, PLLC, for a free consultation in either my Portsmouth or Kennebunk offices to discuss the best defense for your situation.

Prescription Drug Fraud Can Result In Heavy Penalties

Some jurisdictions are beginning to recognize that these matters often involve addiction issues and are creating more drug diversion programs. Unfortunately, convictions may still result in misdemeanor or, more likely, felony charges, and carry steep fines and jail time. A strong legal defense can help minimize the legal ramifications of these charges.

What Does Prescription Drug Fraud Look Like?

Prescription drug fraud could be a single individual doctor shopping for a prescription, or it may involve a large-scale operation of distributing false prescriptions and medication. Typical examples include:

  • Visiting multiple doctors for the same prescription
  • Visiting multiple doctors to find one who will prescribe a certain drug
  • Forging or altering a prescription
  • Stealing a prescription pad
  • Distributing or selling prescription drugs
  • Doctors falsifying prescriptions for financial gain

If you are facing charges for any of these actions, speak with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

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