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Qualified Domestic Relations Order / Court Order Acceptable for Processing

When couples get divorced or separated and retirement accounts are divided, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), Court Order Acceptable for Processing (Federal Employee Retirement System - Federal Pension), or Retirement Benefits Court Order (Thrift Savings Plan) must be drafted, approved by the family court, and submitted to the plan administrator in order to complete the transfer and keep the transaction a non-taxable event.  I have prepared many QDROs, COAPs, and RBCOs.  QDROs are used to divide private accounts.  COAPs and RBCOs are used to divide federal accounts.  I can provide these services for my clients in the context of the divorce or legal separation, or as an unbundled service for parties who do not have an attorney, or for other attorneys who do not wish to be responsible for preparation of these documents.  Typically, I require a $1,500 retainer and bill at $250/hour.  Feel free to give me a call in Maine at (207) 467-3767 or New Hampshire (603) 766-1970.     

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