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Abuse & Neglect / Termination of Parental Rights

I vigorously defend parents accused of abuse and/or neglect of their children.  A finding of abuse or neglect can have a profound impact on a parent's fundamental right to care for and bring up a child.  In some instances, the allegations are unfounded.  In other instances, in conjunction with DCYF (NH) or DCF (Maine), clients are provided with services and an opportunity to correct the conditions that led to the State's involvement.  It is crucial to correct the conditions because the State can pursue termination of parental rights if the conditions are not corrected.  Once parental rights are terminated, they cannot be reinstated.  Often times, the conduct that gave rise to the abuse or neglect allegations also give rise to companion criminal charges.  If DCYF/DCF or law enforcement contact you about allegations of abuse and neglect, do not speak to them without a lawyer.  

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