A Suspended License Is More Than Just An Inconvenience

You may have lost your license because of too many points on your record, a DUI, DTE, or a reckless driving or driving to endanger charge. No matter the reason for your license suspension, if police pull you over while driving with a suspended license, it can cause you even more headaches.

Not having your license can make it hard to work and generally get around, especially if you are in a smaller town without public transportation. To make matters more complicated, you may not have even known your license was suspended. At Hansen Law Offices, PLLC, we can help you untangle the mess a suspended license can create and determine if there is a way to reinstate your license.

The Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License

Penalties for driving with a suspended license vary by state. In Maine, operating after suspension (OAS) is a misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $250 and possible jail time. The penalties are harsher if your license was suspended for an OUI, including a mandatory 7-day jail sentence and an additional year of license suspension.

In New Hampshire, charges can range from a traffic violation to a misdemeanor, or even a felony. It may include a fine of up to $1,000, jail time for a subsequent offense and an extension of the suspension. Again, if your suspension was due to a DUI, you will probably be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and face a mandatory minimum sentence of 7-days in jail and 1-year additional license loss.

In Massachusetts, driving with a suspended license is an automatic misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $500, possible jail time and a 60-day extension on the suspension.

Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts also have habitual offender laws. As few as three or more convictions of certain offenses, including driving with a suspended license, within five years could result in habitual offender certification and additional license revocation.

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