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What could being accused of reckless driving mean for you?

If you are like many individuals here in New Hampshire, you spend a good deal of time behind the wheel commuting to and from work and doing other travels. With so much time spent driving, there are many different on-the-road situations you could encounter. Some could have impacts on your future. One is if you are pulled over by police and accused of a traffic violation.

Not all traffic violations are treated the same under state law. Some are particularly serious in nature. One such violation is reckless driving. You could face significant possible consequences if accused of such conduct.

What constitutes reckless driving?

It is important to note that, in New Hampshire law, reckless driving is not some general term that refers to any sort of behind-the-wheel conduct that could be considered unwise. Rather, it consists of a specific class of driving behavior. Under state law, a person commits reckless driving if they break a traffic law or rule through one of the following:

  • Driving recklessly
  • Conduct that results in a vehicle being driven recklessly
  • Driving at or above 100 miles per hour
  • Trying to break a record
  • Engaging in a bet
  • Engaging in a race
  • Engaging in a wager
  • Endangering the safety or lives of the public

In regards to those first two points, “recklessly” means the specific definition given in another section of state law. It typically involves a person consciously ignoring risks he or she is creating that are unjustifiable and substantial when ignoring such risks is a gross deviation from normal conduct.

You could lose your license

One of the penalties for reckless driving in the state is a license revocation. For a first offense, the length of this revocation is 60 days. For a second, it is 60 days to a year.

You could face considerable fines

Reckless driving also carries fines. The maximum fine for this offense is $1,000 plus a penalty assessment. For a first offense, the minimum fine is $500 plus assessment. For a second, it is $750 plus assessment.

Responding to accusations of reckless driving

In addition to fines and a license revocation, a reckless driving violation could have various other considerable impacts. For example, it could affect your insurance premiums. So, when facing accusations of such a traffic violation, understanding what steps you can take in response to the allegations in order to protect your interests can be critical. Given this, when your best interests and future are on the line due to accusations of reckless driving or other serious traffic violations, the quality of the guidance you seek out can matter in a very big way.

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