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As a former prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience, I know firsthand how much pressure the district attorney puts on prosecutors to seek convictions for DUI, OUI charges and serious traffic violations. Portsmouth and surrounding communities demand tight control of their streets. Too often, that also means that police make mistakes when aggressively patrolling for possible violators.

A Lawyer Who Has Been On Both Sides Of DUI And Traffic Violations Cases

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or operating while under the influence (OUI) of drugs or alcohol in Portsmouth or surrounding community, call me, criminal defense attorney Albert Hansen, as soon as possible. I will start to work immediately protecting your rights.

How does a strong drunk driving defense case progress:

  1. Help you get your license reinstated. Upon your arrest, your driver's license may be automatically suspended until reinstated on a temporary basis by an administrative judge, pending the outcome of your criminal charges. I do the work to help you get your license reinstated.
  2. Investigate the circumstances of the traffic stop. Police need reasonable cause to pull you over. If they cannot demonstrate a sound reason for suspecting you of DUI or OUI, you may have your charges dismissed or reduced.
  3. Challenging the police officer's interpretation of the field sobriety test. [Read more about the field test here.] Officers at a traffic stop are supposed to follow a standard procedure for administering and interpreting the results on the scene. Many don't get it right.
  4. Challenge the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test procedures and custody of evidence. Whether you were given the breath, blood or urine test, police are under strict regulations protecting your rights. Any errors regarding administering the test or processing the results may be a violation of your rights.
  5. Fighting for a reduced penalty. [Read more about DUI penalties here] Sometimes, accepting a plea arrangement is your only legal option. New Hampshire penalties for a DUI or OUI conviction are among the strictest in the nation. I have earned respect among prosecutors and will work aggressively to make sure the penalties you receive are minimized. Whenever possible, I work toward an outcome that will avoid a conviction on your record.

Licensed in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Main office in Portsmouth, new office location opening soon in Kennebunk, Maine.

Other Serious Traffic Violations

A speeding ticket or reckless driving charge can cost you more than just the price of the fine. Under the New Hampshire and Maine point system, you can face a driver's license suspension, increased auto registration fees and higher insurance premiums after just two tickets. Is it always worth it to fight a moving violation in court? No. But if you have good reason to fight, I will aggressively protect your driving record and license.

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